Brunch Wedding at Doctor's House - Kleinburg, ON

This is a simple and elegant wedding held in Doctor's House, Kleinburg. Guests are from everywhere around the world and schedule were tight. That's why they end up a Brunch Wedding. The best of this place is they have a small chapel next to the restaurant. It is perfect for a small wedding for guests not over 100.

They were so tense and emotional during the ceremony. After that, they went so well.....
First family car when groom arrived in Canada. It mean so much to them..
Nice mirror setting on location photography
Creative framing for bride and groom photography

Le Rêve - The Dream

This is an excellent show perform in Wynn Las Vegas. I did not watch "O" before so I can't have any comparison at all. Surprise me is they do allow "No flash" photography. I'm glad that I my Canon 5D III and few lens. Most of the shots were using EF 200mm f/2.8 prime lens. 17-40mm f/4.0 was used for wide shot.
I have no clue about the story line of the show. Guess no one can fully understand his own dream. Great light, nice music and spectacular performers !!! I really enjoy the show as well as my shooting.
Really hope I can shoot on every show I go ......

Pixel Mago Speedlite for Canon - Hand On Review

Have this Pixel Mago Speedlite for about a month and a half now. Here is the comparison of Mago with Canon 550EX and Yongnuo 565EX.
The SIZE is the matter
As show on the above photos. Pixel is the LARGEST in size and also the heaviest in weight among these 3 flashes. But Mago is the only speedlite that has LED model light. This model light can be handy when you need a small light source, It also has a usb port for firmware upgrade and a PC sync port.
On the report from my first impression. I mentioned about the battery drain. In fact, the battery indication logic must be buggy. After you left the battery in the compartment for some days. when you turn on the unit. Battery indicator will show empty after a while usage. I was pretty sure I have put in new batteries the last time and I did not shoot much. I took batteries out and put them back in. Battery indicator show FULL POWER again. So Pixel has to take care of this. I hope they can correct it on next firmware update.
When I used it on my camera camera (Canon 5D III) hot shoe. TTL work fine. Manual adjustment work perfect too. HSS work as expected.
For my work that is mainly wedding. My setup is using Yongnuo YN-622TX and YN-622C TTL remote trigger to control all my flashes. From my testing. I have over exposed photo every once in a while. Manual setting using YN-622TX is not working as well. I have hard time to control the flash intensity. Good news is I just update YN-622TX firmware from 1.02 to 1.04. I have not test the setting in real wedding shoot yet. Manual setting seems kind of work now. You have to release the flash before new setting take effect. It is like working with an old school strobe. Yongnuo 565EX do not need this at all.  That is not a big problem but I think it can be fixed soon. As for TTL, I don't have miss fire or over expose in a series of shooting for about 30 frames.
My typical Flash + Trigger + Camera setup
Samples from my work using Pixel Mago
So far I'm pretty happy with Mago and I expect Pixel can have firmware update soon. Battery drain/indicator problem is a real deal to me. I use up batteries so fast because I can't tell it is the fault from the indicator or batteries really gone.

Pixel Mago Speedlite for Canon - First Impression

I'm so excited as Pixel Enterprise Ltd. accept me as one of the beta testers on their flagship Speedlite - Mago Speedlite. I got the package by DHL Express and I have to pay $30.00 for custom and tax. How nice it is !

As a wedding photographer, I rely heavily on blending ambient natural light with flash. Until recently, there is a lot photographers or clients mention about natural light photography. That really create a hype in the wedding photography industry. Natural Light Photography look great when you have time to prepare the shot. Like bride beside a window. But most of the time in wedding photography, things happen so fast in wedding day. I need to capture every memorable  emotion and expression of bride and guests. I will discuss more on this topic next time.


Back to the Pixel Mago Speedlite. It come in a White with red/pink trim box. You can find all product photos and specification here


Speedlite build quality is pretty good. It do not show any sign of a cheapo. Control and menu is easy to understand.

The Flash Diffuser that come with DO NOT fit the speedlite at all. It is so loose and it won't stay on speedlite with any movement. The other big problem to me is the External Power Socket is not compatible to Canon standard. I use external power pack for my work all time. I don't understand the reason why they put a different socket here.


The rotation mechanism of the flash head is much better than most of other non Canon flash. At least flash head stay 90degree vertical after I can put my Rogue FlashBender Reflector on the speedlite with some movement. 

I took the Mago for a real wedding photography session 2 weeks ago :

Mago Speedlite as key light :
The E-TTL work great most of the time but I need more time to check it out. I have about 1 in 10 photos with flash over-explosed. Since I'm using Yongnuo YN-622C wireless triggering system. May be there is some incompatibility between this 2 manufacturers. I tried the Mago on my Canon EOS 5D Mark III hotshoe and it seems no problem at all.

Mago Speedlite as slave :
E-TTL work great as well most of the time. I have a few over-exposed photos as well. I was still using the same Yongnuo YN-622C wireless trigger system. Remote manual setting on YN-622C-Tx do not work on Mago at all. Also the standby system do not really shut down the speedlite. I left the speedlite SLEEP over night and battery all gone the next day. I really assume it will auto-shutdown some how ... My bad.

This is one of the photo from the wedding...


Conclusion :

Very satisfy with the build quality and TTL accuracy of Mago. But not sure which wireless trigger system will best fit the speedlite right now. Hope a later firmware update from either manufacturers(Pixel and Yongnuo) will solve the problem. External power socket has to change back to Canon type .. please. For a full function TTL speedlite under $100.00, I can't think you can go any wrong...


More detail testing on here






Sarah & Edward - Toronto Wedding

It was such a great experience to work with young and energetic couples Sarah and Edward. The arrangement on the wedding day is not stressful at all. Everyone was enjoying the moment from the beginning of bridal preparation.

Hair make up for the bride

Nothing is better than hair make up by your best friend....


Bride and bridesmaid having fun before leaving for ceremony.

usfie for the bride and bridesmaid

Can leave without this "usflie"

behind the veil    Great smile behind the veil

Bride by the window at King Edward Hotel, Toronto

Ceremony at Bayview Golf Club, Toronto

Groom and Bride posing

bridal party start to pose as my direction


Bridal Party is full of energy ....

bouquet toss

bouquet in the air

She caught the bouquet

Bouquet tossing is alwasys one of the challenging sequence of wedding photography.

Having fun in the dance party

Boys always found something fun to play with ..... !

I will say this is not a perfectly organize wedding but it really give you full of surprise and energy.


Intercultural Wedding

It is not new or uncommon to have intercultural wedding in Toronto or Canada. I have been photographed quite a few of them. Tara and Tylor are such a nice and fun couples to work with. Really enjoy the colorful setting.

Bridal make-up and preparation

Enjoy the moment, relax and being natural is the key in wedding photography


 My style of photography is focus on emotions and expression instead of posed and staged. What else is better than your mom and dad do a final touch up on your wedding day.

mom and dad final touch up for the bride

Photography is all about LIGHT. This is an example of Beautiful light from the window. Bride was doing the final check on before she leave the house.

I see a beautiful bride there

Ready to get going ...... !!!

We have this wonderful wedding day

 Focus in the ceremony

Bride and Groom focus in wedding ceremony